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      1. Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Carpet

        Is Hardwood or Carpet Easier to Maintain?Is Hardwood or Carpet Easier to Maintain?

        Buying carpet is not something most people do often; in fact, some may only shop for carpet a few times in a lifetime. Because of this, it is easy for consumers to be confused by the carpet buying process, and end up with a carpet that will not suit their needs. Below are the biggest mistakes you’ll want to avoid when purchasing carpet.

        Getting hung up on the weight
        Skimping on a thinner underpad
        Assuming all carpets are the same, based on their appearance
        Calculating incorrect square footage
        Purchasing because of a promotion
        Having your carpet "Unprofessionally" installed
        Choosing the wrong carpet type that doesn’t fit with your lifestyle

        Call one of our flooring designers today with any questions and assistance matching the perfect carpet for your home.

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